Biolexis Therapeutics is a privately held biopharmaceutical company committed to developing novel targeted therapeutics for cancers, immune-mediated, neurodegenerative, auto-immune, and inflammatory indications.

Our Technology Advantage

Biolexis’ empirically developed MolecuLern™ technology enables rapid discovery and development of novel clinical candidate agents. Our modern chemical biology approach coupled with the real data power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are the key to accelerating our discoveries. MolecuLern is an advanced ML and AI-backed process that uses laboratory-generated molecular data to train and test a set of protein structures, processed through deep learning cutting edge ML tools and transformed into accurate structural models by mapping hot-spots, computing ligand

properties, building accurate empirical models, and translating into active, safe, and efficacious novel chemical entities (NCEs) of future medicines. Our world-class MolecuLern database is embedded with over five hundred thousand biochemical data points to help identify novel target fragment binding sites and then expand into IP rich high-value NCEs. MolecuLern additionally reduces therapeutics development costs and accelerates the development timeline while aiming to increases the probability of success in First-In-Human clinical trials.


November 2002

Discovery of
C-Kit & Aurora Kinase

November 2003

is launched

January 2006

Supergen, Inc.
acquires Montigen
for $40MM

November 2010

David & Hari establish
the therapeutics
division at the Huntsman
Cancer Institute

January 2011

Hari founds
Arrien Pharmaceuticals

August 2011

David and Hari co-found
Salarius Pharmaceuticals
Spin-off from U of U

September 2012

David founds Tolero

December 2016

Sumitomo Dainippon
Pharma acquires
Tolero Pharmaceuticals

November 2017

Hari works with Tgen

April 2019

Hari founded
Oncolexis Therapeutics

April 2020

Hari & David collaborate
at Huntsman Cancer
Institute Center in the
PIVOT program

November 2021

Biolexis Therapeutics
is co-founded
by David & Hari


Advanced technology and science to improve every life.


Our mission is to map the interactions of chemicals and proteins to discover new products to benefit humanity.


David J. Bearss, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David J. Bearss is an experienced entrepreneur and drug developer with over 20 years of experience in academic and industry settings. He is an expert in small-molecule drug development and the use of genetic model systems in drug discovery. He has deep experience in translational research focused on drug development and the use of genetic markers to predict drug sensitivity. Dave has discovered 15 compounds that have had INDs accepted and moved forward in clinical development and is a founder of eight biotech companies.

In addition to founding Biolexis Therapeutics, and serving as the company’s CEO, Dave became Chief Scientific Officer of Halia Therapeutics in January 2021 and CEO in March 2022. Dave was the CEO of Tolero Pharmaceuticals, acquired by Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma in 2017. He also served as Chief Scientific Officer at Montigen Pharmaceuticals and SuperGen Inc., overseeing early drug discovery and development. He was the founding Co-Director of the Center for Investigational Therapeutics at the Huntsman Cancer Institute; Associate Professor in the Department of Oncological Sciences at the University of Utah; and Associate Professor of Physiology & Developmental Biology at Brigham Young University. Dave received a PhD in cellular biology from University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX.

Hariprasad Vankayalapati, M.Pharm, PhD

 Chief Scientific Officer

Prior to founding Biolexis Therapeutics, Hari was a founder of Oncolexis Therapeutics and Arrien Pharmaceuticals, serving as Chief Scientific Officer of the Companies. Hari and his colleague, Dr. David Bearss, developed the empirical-driven MolecuLern™ technology and successfully translated MolecuLern into an early discovery pipeline of targeted therapeutics for Oncology, Immunology, and CNS/Neurodegenerative indications. He recently moved from his academic career back to the pharmaceutical industry; Biolexis Therapeutics. He was an Associate Prof. at Huntsman Cancer Institute (2019-2022), and TGen (2017-2019) supporting drug discovery programs for cancer immunotherapeutics. He was Asst. Prof./Chief Scientist at the Center for Investigational Therapeutics (CIT) of The Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and School of Medicine of the University of Utah (2009-2017). His presence at HCI led to the discovery of two agents (HCI-2577/SP-2577, HCI-2084/TP-0903) currently in clinical trials. From 2006-2009, Hari was Chief Scientist at SuperGen, Inc., (now Astex/Otsuka Pharmaceuticals). From 2003-2006, he was a Director of Medicinal Chemistry, and he was key in creating three clinical agents; MP-470/Amuvatinib, SGI-1776, and SGI-110/Guadecitabine, several preclinical candidates, CLIMB technology and co-founded Montigen Pharmaceuticals with Dr. Bearss with initial financing of $5.0 million. In 2006, Montigen was acquired by SuperGen for $40 million where Hari played a key role in bringing science/technology into this transaction.

Hari is an author of more than 70 publications, presentations, and an inventor of several issued/published US/WO patents. He received Ph.D. and M. Pharm degrees in Medicinal Chemistry from the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), of the University of Mumbai and the University of Karnataka in India. He completed his Postdoctoral training in Organic Chemistry at the University of Sunderland in England and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Arizona Cancer Center under Prof. Laurence H. Hurley.

David Taylor

Chief  Financial Officer

David has spent over 15 years serving in key management roles for start-ups and small businesses in industries such as software, health care, life sciences, and real estate. Prior to start-ups, David spent 14 years in international investment banking, both in management and as a Capital Markets product specialist. Serving as head of Strategic Planning and as the Business Manager to the CEO of Commerzbank North America, David assisted in the acquisition and integration of Dresdner Bank as well as in the development and execution of Commerzbank’s long-term strategic plan. As a Vice President in Dresdner Bank’s Debt Principal Finance & Securitization group, David originated, structured, and maintained oversight for over 30 structured finance transactions totaling $12.4 billion for clients such as Goldman Sachs, Ford Motor, General Motors, and Banco Itau.

David holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University where he double majored in Finance and Management & Organizational Behavior. He is also a Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC).



Kyle Medley joined Biolexis Therapeutics as Director of Business Development in November 2021. Prior to his association with Biolexis, Kyle served as a senior research scientist at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, where he focused on the discovery and development of three small molecule oral anti-cancer therapeutics for solid tumors, hematological malignancies, and immune-mediated targets.

Kyle’s experience in the industry and academic fields of life science and business has provided him with multiple areas of expertise in chemical biology, early drug discovery, and corporate development. As Director, Kyle leads business development, corporate strategy, investor relations, collaborative efforts, and external communications.

Kyle has a Bachelor of Science in biology/chemistry from Utah Valley University, a Master of Science in Chemical Biology from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.

Jake Carter

 Director of Technology

Jake leads the technology team developing Biolexis’ AI/ML process. His professional experience began in financial markets, specifically creating systems, processes, and algorithms for interest rate and currency trading. Over the years, Jake has been privileged to work at big corporate institutions like Deutsche Bourse, Reuters, Nomura, and Credit Suisse, where he was involved in the early development of a complex event processing platform for quantitative algorithmic trading for currencies—effectively working in a Big Data and Data Science before the super trendy labels.

With recent firsthand experience as a cancer patient, Jake is excited to be using his professional knowledge and understanding of large disparate data sets to create and develop our MolecuLern process—the future of drug discovery—and taking Biolexis to the next level with his carefully selected and highly qualified technology and data science team.



Micah has spent over 20 years in marketing roles for start-ups and small businesses serving industries such as health care, medical devices, automotive, entertainment, real estate, and construction. As the Director of Marketing at Biolexis, Micah brings a wealth of marketing experience, including illustration and design, photo and video, print and web as well as brand and image management. He is responsible for all marketing, design, and public relations initiatives supporting the rapid growth of Biolexis.

Prior to joining Biolexis in 2022, Micah worked as Director of Marketing at DONE, primarily designing and implementing marketing plans and strategies for small and family-owned businesses. His past clients include Toyota, General Motors, Ford, 3M, Lucas Film, Nickelodeon, Disney, MLB, NCAA, Tony Hawk, Inc., and Intermountain Healthcare. He holds a BFA from Brigham Young University.

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